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Pause for a moment – Write to Help

Join us in writing comforting letters to those who are lonely and might need support.

Pause for moment. Think about your life, at this moment or difficult moments you have experienced. What helped at those times? What would you like to tell or wish to say to a person who, possibly right at this moment, struggles with similar troubles? Take a pen or go to the computer. Write, pause, reflect. Take all the time you need. Be gentle. Be your real and genuine self. Trust in the way you write that feels good and natural to you, so that it reaches some common ground for the unknown reader.

The letter can be written by hand or by computer. It can also be a supportive postcard in an envelope. You can attach a picture, drawing, a poem, or even an origami- whatever you feel might cheer up the receiver.



Send the letter you have written to Setlementti Tampere, we will deliver your letter based on your wish, for example, to the senior citizens day centre, youth centre, refugee reception centre, homeless shelter, library, etc…



Put the letter you wrote to an envelope, but do not glue the envelope shut. Write on the envelope "Letter to You" (or something else that you think will invite a random passerby to take the letter and open it).


1) Send the letter (or more letters) in another envelope to address:
Kirje Tuntemattomalle / Setlementti Tampere ry
Yliopistonkatu 58 B

33100 Tampere

You can also deliver your letter directly to the office of Setlementti Tampere (but always settle with us on the time of delivery in advance by sending an email message to kirjetuntemattomalle@setlementtitampere.fi).


2) You can attach a note in your letter stating where you would like your letter to be delivered (this is optional, we will in any case do our best to deliver all letters to places where they would have the best chance to be read by someone in need of comfort).


3) Let us also know whether your letter may be used in social media (Facebook) and our web site) to bring comfort and inspiration to others. We will not publish pictures or any letters or messages if the sender has wished so.

Contact information

Enquiries and enrollment to letter workshop:

project manager
Anne Myllylä
Puh. 040 7007 667